HUPO 2018

✈✈✈ 國外會議獎項提名通知 ✈✈✈

會議名稱:17th Human Proteome Organization World Congress-HUPO 2018
時間:September 30 (Sat) – October 4 (Wed), 2018
地點:Orlando, FL, USA
各種獎項提名截止日期:April 15, 2018

All nominations must be completed online using the online nomination form. Self nominations are not accepted. You may submit more than one nomination.

Call for Nominations and requirements:

Past Award Recipients:

HUPO is now accepting nominations for the following awards:

Distinguished Achievement in Proteomic Sciences Award ($3000, Sponsored by the Journal of Proteome Research – ACS Publications)
Discovery in Proteomic Sciences Award ($3000, Sponsored by Journal of Proteomics – Elsevier BV)
Science and Technology Award ($3000, Sponsored by the HUPO Industrial Advisory Board)
Clinical and Translational Proteomics Award ($3000, Sponsored by Clinical Proteomics – BioMed Central)


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